Wednesday, July 14, 2010

DIY Denim Cut Offs

When I saw Lena's post, I was immediately inspired.  While thrifting later that week, I actually came across these awesome (men's) Silver jeans.  I used to be a total sucker for Silver jeans when I was younger - they were my absolute favourite.  Now, they don't exactly do much for my body type, but I'll always have love.  The men's version, on the other hand, were exactly what I was looking for though: great wash, thick waistband, large back pockets and a fab distressed look ... in my size!  The woman at the cash confirmed they were men's jeans to ensure I still wanted them - ha, that's why I wanted them!

After washing and drying the jeans, I went at them with the scissors to create the perfect denim cut offs.

The length was still a little too long so...

...I cut 'em shorter

That's better

Next I cut slits on the sides

Then frayed them up with a knife and scissors along the raw edge
(once they are washed, they will fray more)


PS - I know I'm so behind on all your blogs, and I'm sorry I've been a little MIA
(the wedding is sucking me dry ... blah blah blah, I know, I know ...)


Anonymous said...

Love them! I haven't done DIY cutoffs since middle school - maybe I need to try again :)

Don't let the wedding stress get you down! Easier said than done, I know.

Anonymous said...

Great DIY, I'll have to have a go at this myself. Cute vest too.

Isabel said...

ooh love them...i need to buy some cheap jeans so i can do that to!

Lynzy said...

I always screw up denim cut-offs, you did a great job!

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XO Lynzy

Jamie said...

This s such a great idea. I don't have any jeans in my closet that I particularly want to cut but thrifting a pair is brilliant!

Can you believe I do not own one pair of cut off shorts? They have been on the top of my list for quite a while!

PS. Yaay you can comment at work!!
PSS. Don't forget to add yourself to my follower list on the new site! ;)

Kimmy Davis said...

Nice job on these!!! Cutoffs have seriously become my go-to outfit, day and night. I need to go cut up some of my husband's old jeans and get my A.Co on! (I've already cut up all my old pairs--haha!)

PS-Saw your tweet on the wedding flowers! SO exciting! Ok so I am going to offer my best piece of advice, b/c my florist sorta used the 'wrong' shade of peach after months and months of discussions and I'm still a little bitter about it: Provide plenty of examples of the flowers you like and exact colors!! It's hard b/c flowers are always changing colors and you never know what they'll look like the week of your wedding, but the more prepared the florist is, the better!! Like I would have sent my florist a Pantone catalog with the acceptable colors noted if I had known. That's my piece..I hope this is helps :)


cathy. said...

Good job on the cutoffs! They look awesome :)
xox cathy.

julianne. said...

lllove 'emmm.
they look great babe.<3

Unknown said...

umm, you look great! i've done my own cut-offs before but these look fantastic! i want to re-do mine, now :)

xx,anna jane

Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

I just did the same with some old crappy jeans!!! Now they are totally fabulous again!! :D

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