Happy Friday!  Today marks our last day in Cancun which I'm totally mixed emotions over; on one hand I don't want to leave as not cooking, cleaning or have to get up early for work every morning has been glorious.  On the other hand, my anxiety has been hanging out for the past couple days so getting home to routine should curb that--ugh, kind of annoying.

A lot of you were asking about the sunglasses my Instastories (the ones above) and although I brought four different pairs on the trip, I ended up wearing these rose gold ones the most.  Bonus, they are super inexpensive and have a fantastic, cool-toned lens on them.

How has your week been?  It's been sunny and hot here, I might have even gotten the tiniest bit of colour despite not being someone who tans easily.  I'll be sharing a full recap of our trip, like I mentioned, next week.  In the meantime, here are some fun links from around the web to kick off the weekend!

Newest fave gym song.

These blush pink sneaks are super cute.

We stayed at this resort in Cancun, and I'd definitely recommend it.

Wore this perfect peachy-nude nail colour on our trip.


Good morning from sunny Cancun!  I'm here on vacation with Marco and my two closest girlfriends and we are enjoying the sunshine and heat--our hair, not so much!  

We are here for the week and I will have a full recap of our vacation upon return.  Apologies for the lack of Weekend Snaps yesterday, but we arrived here Saturday afternoon and have been doing that vacation thang.

I'm a big fan of finding quality pieces, and have made that more my motto when shopping over the past year or so, but I can't help but peruse Forever 21 every now and again for a good budget-friendly score.  

That said, I know many of you are American, but a lot of you are Canadian (like me) and I couldn't help but notice the many different items on the two Forever 21 websites.  So, instead of a usual Forever 21 Finds post, I'm sharing my favourites from both the Canadian and the American site so depending where you are, when you click on the image from the site of your home country, it should take you directly there (versus re-routing you to the main page--so annoying).


Hi ladies!  Today I'm sharing my tips for packing for an all-inclusive vacation.  I've taken several trips down south, and I like to think it gets easier each time, but alas there is always some last minute packing going on over here.  

I also wanted to note that I pulled almost all of these items from my closet, versus going out and buying a whole new vacation wardrobe.  While the the pull to go on a shopping spree was real, we are saving hardcore for a house, so, I had to get creative with mostly what I had.  This isn't so much about the exact items in my luggage, but ideas on how to pack efficiently and stylishly.  Apologies I don't have all the same items to link but I am linking to super similar items and pieces I have on my wishlist!

So all that to say, I'm hoping to help you become more strategic in how you prepare for a week away, and I've rounded up all the items you need to bring to your next resort vacation + I've created an easy, printable, packing checklist to remove the guesswork.  So with that, hopefully this takes some stress out of the packing, let's jump in!

Gooooood morning!  How is your week going?  

Last night I hit the gym and wandered around the mall in search of a couple new pieces for our trip this weekend, but didn't have much luck.  We are escaping the snow and heading off to Mexico--something that's been planned much longer than the last trip (which was a little more unexpected).  I'm trying to get creative with items in my closet that I already own, but so want to buy all the new things (must. be. strong. for. house. fund).

We are so excited to get away for a week, and this time my two best girlfriends are coming with us!  We keep joking about, 'Marco and his harem of women' -- ha!  I'll be sharing the trip on Instastories so follow along there if you'd like.

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