Friday, March 10, 2017


TGIF!  How has your week been and what are you up to this weekend?  We are heading to Cancun for four days to soak up some sun and take a breather.  I am so excited.  

This winter, well, like all winters I suppose, is running long and I'm getting freakin' tired of the snow and cold.  I can't wait to wear open toe shoes, not cook and clean, and just get away to some sunshine.

Hope you girls have a great weekend & here are some fun links to kick things off.

Gave myself a pedi for our trip with this nail polish colour.

Just snagged these designer look-alike shades for under $15.

The Lululemon sale section I check weekly.

Always late?  There's a reason.

An interesting perspective & quote on time.

New shoes (as seen on Snapchat last night).



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