Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Do the winter months get to you?

I'm not one to typically feel affected by the winter months, although I'm not a fan of cold weather (and we've been having -30C for three months straight, almost), I do my best to make due, knowing Spring will eventually come. 
That said, this year I've noticed...

...I've been feeling a little depressed lately.  I'm not one to typically blame the weather, but, when everything else in life is going pretty well, I can't explain why I've been feeling so down.

Anyone else with me? 


Dawn said...

At this point, I'm over winter. The holidays have passed and it's just dreary outside. I'm ready for warmth and sunshine!

Midori Thomlinson said...

I'm heavily affected by the weather! We could have the longest run of awesome, warm, sunny weather and sure enough, that one rainy day, I will be in the biggest slump! It sucks! But it helps knowing this about myself, so I can generally do things to combat the depression. Unfortunately, that usually means in indulging in more guilty pleasures on those days :P

Sarah Palisek said...

I am so over it. Been very affected by it this year more so than ever. I need this to end. Now!!!

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