Wednesday, January 7, 2015

What's an absolute faux-pas on a first date?

I have been on my fair share of first dates, but have never experienced any real crazy behaviour.  A friend once told me about a first date she went on and the guy literally reached across the table to grab her chest, she thought he was joking... he wasn't.  

When it comes to first dates, you're most likely on your best behaviour and almost putting up a front, but what is an absolutely faux-pas on a first date?

For me, aside from groping, discussing religion is too heavy for the first date, among pulling out your phone and introducing them to your friends and/or family.  Also, if a guy burps or lets one rip, it's unlikely I'd want to see him again!

What is your first date faux-pas?  Sound off in the comments below.



AA said...

Once I went on a date where, after we finished dinner, my date suggested we go toilet paper our mutual friend's house.

There was not a second date.

Amanda @ A.Co est. 1984 said...

@AA: Ah! That's comical, but no in the moment and there would be no second date for me either. Thanks for sharing!

Katie Lejeune said...

Immediately took out his phone and started checking the hockey scores,then suggested we go to a different bar with a tv so he could watch. He didn't even try to make conversation with me!

Ashley Page said...

I had a pretty normal first date with a guy and I thought it had gone well, but not as well as he did...he told a mutual friend of ours right after that he couldn't believe the amazing connection we had and he thought it was a sign from above that we both loved the movie "American Beauty".

Yeah, there was no second date. Anyone who gets too carried away like that right off the bat and starts thinking that because you both like an extremely popular movie from the late 90s/early 2000s, that you're soul mates, is not for me.

Amanda @ A.Co est. 1984 said...

@Katie: brutal!! That's so annoying IN a relationship let alone on a first date! LOL

@Ashley Page: omg whaaaaaat! LOL that's wild! Thanks for sharing.

Melissa MacKenzie said...

Had a date with a guy from POF (first mistake), who insisted we meet at the skuzziest Tim Horton's in the city (second mistake) who told me story about how he pranked his ex with putting a fish between her legs while sleeping - at which point I got the hell out of there!

Sharon Paré said...

I've had pretty normal first dates, so maybe i'm the crazy one!
However my boyfriend went on a first date where his date told him how she used to be engaged, cheated on her fiance with her neighbor and that didn't work out and now she was living in a trailer. TOO MUCH.

Cameron said...

More of a 'pet-peeve' style annoyance than a 1st-date-deal-breaker was when the guy exclaimed "nummy nummy" after every bite of his steak. No joke... "nummy nummy!" chomp chomp "nummy nummy!"
I GET IT! YOU LIKE YOUR FOOD! Please use your BIG BOY words!

Amanda @ A.Co est. 1984 said...

@MelMac: Ewwwww!! OMG! That's one for the books! Thanks for sharing <3

@Sharon: whaaaaaat!? Hello first date etiquette anyone!? SHEEEESH.

@Cameron: omgggg hahaha that's too funny--and would seriously be annoying!

586Rexford said...

On my first date my dad completely embarrassed me when he asked my boyfriend if he should leave a ladder outside my window. Apparently my dad thought he was being funny not realizing how mortified I was.

Amanda @ A.Co est. 1984 said...

@Cheryl: ahhhhh!! Oh my goodness, thanks a lot, Dad!! :P

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