Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

Friday afternoon and evening it rained and rained.  It was such a nice change from the snow and it even got quite mild.  I spent the evening in, made a stir fry and relaxed.

Unfortunately the mild weather was short lived because we woke up to a snowstorm on Saturday morning (ugh).

I whipped up some raspberry chia seed jam--my second batch--to stir into my greek yogurt.

Saturday morning gym sesh (chest), then it was onto lunch...

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

NEW SHOES | Le Chateau Lace-Up Heels

I first saw these leather lace-up heels at Le Cheateau last May (here's proof: I debated purchasing them and asked for your advice on Instagram).  I decided to walk away from them, against almost everyone's advice, but haven't stopped thinking about them since--and almost regretted not buying them.

Since last year's lace-up trend seems to be going strong for this year, the hunt continued.  When I popped into Le Chateau the other night, I was shocked to see these on the sale rack (for $35, versus the regular $100).  I laughingly asked the sales girl to check for my size, knowing full well it was a lost cause...

And then she came back.

With a box.

In my size.


I put them on, again, and pranced around the store knowing they were coming home with me for sure, no questions asked.  I wore them the very next day and can't wait for warmer weather to rock them with some bare legs.  And, if you want to grab a pair for yourself, the website still has them in the nude-blush colour.  Woohoo!


Friday, March 28, 2014

Flying Squirrel Jacket

Outfit deets:
* BCBG jacket (borrowed & sold in my former closet sale).
* F21 faux leather top.
* Accessories:  Gucci shades (Christmas gift many years ago) & MK watch (also a Christmas gift a few years ago).

While taking these photos, Serena commented the jacket looked like a flying squirrel.  She immediately gasped thinking I'd be upset but I burst into laughter--I had never thought of it that way, and it was kind of true, despite really loving the jacket.  

Fashion is always in good fun, and I've had a silly Dad who's always made cheeky comments about my clothes; a cropped jacket, 'Hey, your jacket shrunk in the wash', distressed denim, 'Oh, I see you took a tumble and ripped your jeans...', and so on, so it's safe to say, I can handle it.

What are your plans for the weekend?  This is the last weekend I have my apartment before I have to give the keys back.  My parents are going to help me move the last few items out--some being stored at their place, some to the new place--which will of course be followed by more unpacking.  We received our new duvet cover so now the hunt for shams, accent pillows and a few other items can begin too.  Otherwise some sleeping in, some breakfast in the new kitchen, and some relax time.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Photos by Serena Rivard.


Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Mini-Week Catch-Up

Sorry for the radio silence over the past couple days, I had a bit of blogger's block.  Also, wanted to apologize for offending anyone in my previous video--oops, that was not my intention and I'll work on nixing that word.  That said, there is no need to be mean, we can have different opinions and still get along.  Let's spread positivity and enjoy our time here.

Onto the mid-week snaps!  This week has been pretty boring, ha, but I thought I'd share a few photos I've taken.  It's mainly been a mix of unpacking, running errands and spending time with some family.  I'll let the photos speak for themselves...

Last night, my bestie and I went for pedicures.  It was her first outting since having her baby and quite enjoyed.  I'm not sure of the colour I'm wearing above, it's a plum-y colour from OPI and I forgot to check the name.  I wanted a French pedicure but we went to a place I don't normally go to and they said they couldn't do it.  #wahwah

The first piece of art is hung... and my birthday balloons are still going strong!

My parents are back from their month-long vacation in Florida and my mom brought me back a couple Elf blushes from Target.  For some reason, we don't have Elf at our Targets in Ottawa and it's an inexpensive brand I like to experiment with.

I have been longing to wear these Shoemint lace-up heels for months, but they they felt so summery, even indoors.  That said, I unpacked them the other day and couldn't resist breaking them out--it is the end of March afterall.

Here is the current state of the second bedroom.  I've spent a good four hours chipping away at it, since you saw it last.  Although it looks cluttered--and by all means, it is--it's starting to take shape and I can actually move around in there now.

And finally, a very special visit to my best friend's new baby last night.  He's all of three weeks old and so teeny tiny perfect.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Get to know me a little better with a tag that's currently all the rage on YouTube; the Too Much Information tag.  I chat about turn ons, piercings, and the book you must read (ooh, scandalous).

The questions are...

Monday, March 24, 2014

A helpful tip to get yourself to the gym...

Change into your workout clothes as soon as you get home.

I heard this from a coworker and I thought I would share.  I've been trying it myself, it's uber simple,  and it really works!

I usually want to throw on comfy clothes upon walking in the door from work, so why not make it workout clothes?  From there, you set the tone that you are going to the gym.  Maybe not for a couple hours, but you're sub-conciously telling yourself it will happen today.

Try it today and then come back and tell me if it worked for you too.


Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

I think my weekend snaps are getting longer and longer, so if there is a bit of a photo-overload, I'm going to start putting the majority after the jump--hope this is okay with you?

This weekend was busy and I still haven't finished unpacking--ugh, I'm such a procrastinator.  I got home from work on Friday night and cracked a beer stat; not my normal routine but I just wanted to get into weekend mode and relax.  I made a snack and surfed the web while waiting for Marco to come home.

We decided to go to the gym super late on Friday night, like 10pm guys, which seems a little crazy but I had convinced Marco to hang curtains, a mirror and artwork up in the condo on the condition that we would work out (tee hee, compromise).

The gym was pretty busy, surprisingly, but it was kind of nice going together and kicking off the weekend on a healthy note (post beer, of course).  I'm often moaning and groaning about going to the gym but I try to think of it as something we do together (a type of date, if you will), and being active, healthy and fit is something I like making a priority.  

Looking at the picture above is a little surreal--my shoulders and arms?!  I am actually seeing muscle definition (when flexing) for the first time in my life, which is crazy... now if only my abs would catch up!

We went for a late night dinner at a Pho spot, it was almost midnight by the time we ate.  I ordered a beef-rice-egg-salad plate (my first time not ordering Pho) and it totally hit the spot.

Finally!  Curtains in our bedroom.  I didn't want to do a two-tone, and really wanted the silvery grey curtains to work but the window is too big for two panels, and those ones let the light in (more decorative, than anything). 

I was looking for curtains to block the light so we used these two black panels I had from my apartment (and the grey ones fill the gap in the middle).  It was glorious sleeping in on Saturday without bright sunlight waking me up!

Saturday morning--a selfie in the newly hung mirror (yipee!).
Outfit deets:  H&M tee, 'Serena' by Mavi denim, Kate Spade necklace (birthday gift) & MK watch (old Christmas gift).

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Our Condo | Closet - Office Room BEFORE Photos

When we were looking for a place to move, two bedrooms was imperative and Marco has graciously agreed to help me turn the second bedroom into a full closet-office room.  He has full reign of the master walk-in-closet, but it's still pretty excited that this room belongs to me.

The room houses a sizeable and well laid out closet, as you can see above, and has a huge floor-to-ceiling window on the opposite side.  The plan is to make this room functional and nice to look at, since you see it straight ahead when you walk into the condo (photo below).

The idea for the space is to use the current closet, and build an exposed closet on the right-hand wall. Since the door opens on the left side, I want to get a desk to put facing the door, but touching the left wall.  Hopefully this will 'hide' the mess of the exposed closet on the opposite wall until you step into the room.

Now here are a few photos of the room filled with boxes, rolling racks (which I will eventually get rid of once we build the exposed closet), and more.


Saturday, March 22, 2014

VIDEO | Moving Day!

Finally, finally, finally here is the vlog from our move day on Monday, March 10th.  It got off to a dramatic start when our movers bailed on us and the day just went from there.  Check out the video for how the day played out and a peek at our new space too.  Thanks for watching!  xo


Friday, March 21, 2014

Mirrored Aviators + My Fave Jacket

Outfit deets:
* Dynamite jacket which I showcased in my Fall Fashion video (love this jacket).
* Urban Planet top (new!).
* Guess denim (old) which I let the hem down on few years ago to make them longer to wear with heels #tallgirlproblems
* Aldo wedges which you've seen with pink pants (a fave post).
* Accessories:  Michael Kors bangle (birthday gift), Swarovski bangle (birthday grift from years past) & Ardene sunglasses.
* FUN FACT:  this outfit was totally inspired by Ashley's outfit back in the Fall.

I'm standing at the site of my future condo!  As I mentioned, they have started progress and now that includes digging the hole--cool!

Last night I spent an hour at my old apartment packing up a few more things (I left behind a few things on move day that we decided I would go back for; my toaster, bedding, crock pot, liquor, and some furniture pieces I will be storing at my parent's place).  I took out a ton of garbage, swept the floors and stripped the bed.  I have the keys until the end of the month and think once it's completely cleared out, and I can walk away from that, I'll feel even more settled.

Additionally, I spent two hours unpacking and organizing the second bedroom two nights ago.  I emptied 10 boxes and found the shoes I wanted to wear to my birthday party--four days too late (of course).

This weekend, Marco's parents are coming down to see our new place, help him clean out his old place, and take a tv off his hands.  We also have a family dinner with my side, unpacking and hopefully some hanging of curtains--I seriously need a good sleep in!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Photos by Serena Rivard.


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Place d'Orleans Fashion Vlogger | Pre-Spring HAUL Try-On

I have renewed my contract with Place d'Orleans (PDO) for this year and finally have my first video for the new year up!  This year, I won't be sharing a video every month, instead will be focussing on a video per season, plus back-to-school and holiday.  In between, I'll be working on smaller projects with them throughout the year, like the Like is the New Love day.

In this video I get my dance on and show you some fun in-between season finds.  I'm itching for Spring to, well, spring and while it's still snowy and cold here, I'm looking forward to putting these clothes and shoes to use!  As always, thanks for watching! xo

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

NEW SHOES | Converse Chuck Taylors

I have been debating this purchase for a little over a year and am so happy I finally bit the bullet!  I wasn't sure if I needed a pair of Chucks in my life or not--my sister fully supported this purchase--but when still thinking about these a year later, it's safe to say I do.

While out shopping, I hadn't intended to pick these up, but while walking towards SoftMoc I knew I should try them on again (since I had done this song and dance a year ago).  I grabbed the Chucks and the Dainty version too (in white), and asked the sales associate to check for my size.  

Success!  In both pairs.   

I pranced around the store, going back and forth between the two, but I knew where my heart laid--plus the Dainty are more narrow and girlfriend has a wide foot.  Say no more, the rest is history and here we are today, living in perfect, prancing harmony.  I'm ready for you denim skirts & sunshine.


Faux Leather Leggings | Black + Navy

Outfit deets:
* H&M sweater (new!).
* Spence chiffon top underneath (new!) and last seen for my best friend's baby shower.
* H&M faux leather leggings (new!).
* Aldo boots, my fave, which you've see a lot this year with magenta pants, a colour-blocked dressa cheetah fur coat, and another look that feels very me.
* Accessories:  Expressions necklace (from The Bay), Material Girl cuff & Suzy Shier ring.

I wore this outfit for my family birthday dinner back in February--it was one of those outfits I envisioned pictured myself wearing it to host our housewarming party (which will likely happen next month).  Breezing around the space in a totally me ensemble, flowy yet edgy, topping up people's drinks and passing around food.  That said, I couldn't wait that long and wore it for a different special occasion instead.  Hopefully come April I can wear something a little more Spring-y and bright.

Speaking of condo, these photos were taken in our condo, pre-move in.  The light was perfect and I wanted to capture a few outfits before we moved in and filled it with furniture and things.  I'm still not unpacked, and have barely touched the second bedroom, but plan to chip away at it starting tonight--something I've been saying since Monday. Oh jeeze.

Photos by Serena Rivard.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps | 30th Birthday Edition

Before the weekend came, Emily surprised me by sending flowers to my work--all the way from Florida--for my birthday!  I got them on a super snowy day and it was the sweetest, most thoughtful gesture.

On Friday morning I went into work and my friend had put up some birthday decorations and there were a couple cards and a gift waiting for me.  It really brightened my morning.  Would anyone be interested in seeing what I got for my birthday?  Perhaps a separate post to share that?

Friday evening I did some shopping at the mall--but purchased nothing--and had dinner with Marco.  It was a super low key evening, exactly what we both needed, topped off with an episode of Banshee.

Saturday was my birthday so we started the morning off right at the gym--which helped to feel good all day long and when I got dressed for the evening's party (and for the treats I ate).

We came back to the condo and Marco surprised me by making eggs benedict for the first time.  So good!  An awesome first breakfast in my 30's.

Marco went out during the afternoon to run around and collect supplies and food for the evening festivities.  He came back with a beautiful bouquet of balloons!  Balloons are so fun to get, and you can enjoy them for a few weeks too--what a treat!

Marco planned a birthday party for me at our new place, but in the party room--which was awesome because our place really isn't ready, or up to my standards, to show people yet.  Plus, no pre-cleaning required and plenty of room to fit everyone with ample seating.  This is what I wore and you can see a full body shot on Instagram.
Outfit deets:  Mexx cardigan, Urban Planet top, H&M faux leather leggings, Liliana wedges & Smart Set necklace.

My friend Lindsay's fiancĂ© made me a pecan pie!  She poured through my blog to discover my favourite pie, and he made it; a joint effort.  It was so good.

A beautiful Kate Spade 'Hello Sunshine' necklace from a friend; I never want to take this off.

Sunday morning, feeling pretty good--and not hung over--I went to the gym.

Then back to the condo for another breakfast by Marco.  Two thumbs up.

I spent all afternoon filming my next Place d'Orleans video.  It took me about three hours to film, and another six to edit; needless to say, bedtime came after midnight.

I took a quick break to run downstairs.

The set-up for the shoe shots; looks like someone has the photography itch.

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