Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Do you have a hard time being social?

I'll admit I sometimes have a hard time being social.  I love being at home and often have to be forced to get out and be social.  

Once I'm there, I usually have a great time, but beforehand, my introverted side can get the best of me.  I will often have minor feelings of anxiousness for some strange reason despite most people thinking I'm a social butterfly.

What about you, is it hard for your to get out of the house and socialize?  Or is that how you recharge your batteries?  I'd love to hear, sound off in the comments.

(Photo from a party last summer with a new friend).


Rebecca Jane said...

Definitely on the introvert side. I am very social with small groups of people I know, but am shy and anxious with big groups. Mingling is my nightmare, ha. Something I have to work on, I guess.

Renee said...

Amanda, it sounded like you described me...seriously! Definitely an introvert, although I do love going out (just not every single weekend), and I usually need a little push to go (but like you said, I'm always glad when I do go). And I try my best to socialize with new people as much as I can (sometimes I may even overcompensate) despite being a little nervous!
Great topic!!

spiffykerms said...

I'm pretty introverted too. I'm really shy and VERY awkward... sometimes. It takes a lot of work for me to be outgoing and I can only do it for so long, then I need like... a week of me just chilling at home. I'm definitely not like my entertaining, outgoing parents. Though, I wish I was.Oh well! lol

Adelaiide said...

I'm both; very outgoing but love being at home too. I think it has a lot to do with confidence.

Connie said...

I like being social and going out with people I already know. I'm really awful and branching out and meeting new people.
I'm definitely not a fan of large groups. If there gets to be too many people with too many side conversations going on I tend to just listen.
My key is to always have an out. Either a way to get home on my own or a friend who will leave with me. That is my golden ticket, to leave when it gets to be tooo much.

AA said...

Funny enough, I'm laying on my bed right now trying to amp myself up for a night out with some friends.

I'm definitely an introvert. I love seeing my friends, but I love quiet time at home too. I also really hate giant crowds and networking events.

Like Connie said above, I always make sure to have an out. I'll usually drive myself and meet up with people. This also helps because I'm not a big drinker so if everyone's getting sloppy drunk, I can just bail!

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