Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My Everyday Make-Up

Packing is something that stresses me out and since I'm constantly having to do so when I stay at Marco's, he suggested we duplicate my make-up kit so I would have one less thing to worry about when packing.  I thought this would be the perfect time to share my new--but everyday--make-up.

1. Equate Moisturizing Lotion with SPF 15  |  I have been wearing this SPF on my face and neck for almost seven years daily.  You can find it at Walmart, it absorbs well and isn't thick.  I have dry and un-sensitive skin and this works great for me as a base layer.

2. Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in Light-Medium  |  I love this for days when I don't want full foundation or for heading to the gym.  It also works great as a primer.

3. L'Oreal True Match foundation in Natural Buff (n3)  |  This seems to be my go-to for foundations despite having a few.  This shade is definitely for when I have a bit more colour, but I could always mix it with some lotion to lighten it up.

4. Hard Candy Fox in a Box bronzer & blush  |  This is the perfect split powder combo; you can swirl your brush in it or pick up the colours separately if you want to contour and flush.  I personally love the baby pink colour of the blush and often use that alone.

5. NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk & Cottage Cheese  |  I use the milk pencil to prime my eyes which helps the shadow stay put but also offers a great base for the colour to be more vibrant.  I use the Cottage Cheese pencil for the inner corners of my eyes and to highlight my brow bone.

6. Hard Candy concealer pencil in Light  |  I love this pencil for lining my waterline to get rid of redness and prefer it over my Rimmel waterproof liner in the same shade.  The only downfall is it comes with the Hard Candy Glamoflauge concealer, which I find is far too much coverage for me so it doesn't get used.

7. L'Oreal True Match Super-Blendable concealer in Cool-Fair/Light (C1-2-3)  |  This has been a go-to for me as I like the creamy, smooth and blend able formula that covers well.

8.  Maybelline Master Precise liquid liner in Black  |  I switched over to this liner within the last six months after suddenly developing an allergic reaction to a cheaper brand (Essence) I was using.  I like the long, thin felt tip on this but the pen doesn't last long, maybe a month, and I find I use my Elf liquid liner for the wing.

9. Timmel PRofessional Eyebrow Pencil in Hazel (002 |  This is a newbie for my kit as I couldn't remember what I had at home.  After searching and holding up several pencils to my eyebrows to determine a match, this one fit the bill.  I used it this weekend and really liked it.

10. Rimmel Scandaleyes in Black (001)  |  This has been my preferred mascara for a couple years now. I used to switch it up each time and try something new but found myself going back to this so now I don't bother trying anything else.  It has a thick brush which gives a lot of volume and doesn't make your lashes too spidery.

11. Pencil Sharpener  |  This is a no name brand that was $2 but definitely a necessity for the kit.  I was hoping to also score a eyelash curler as I use mine daily but they were sold out.

12. NYX Eyeshadow in Sahara (ES18)  |  These eyeshadows are my favourite but this is the one I buy over and over again to highlight the inner corners of my eye and sometimes my brow bone.  

|  I didn't include any other eyeshadows as I had an extra neutral palette that I've always kept at his place which works great.  Also, since receiving the Naked 2 palette for Christmas, I can imagine I'll tote that around with me every now and again too since it's all the colours you could want--if you're a neutral lover.



Ashten said...

I will have to grab me some of those jumbo pencils (#5) - I could use a good eye primer... and I use #7 under my eyes daily!

tinatre said...

I was wondering what to do with my own Hard Candy concealer pencil because it's a pencil...anyway,good idea for the waterline. I have to use the Glamoflauge very sparingly but I like it.

Anonymous said...

You wear too much makeup for everyday.. unattractive

Donna Sawry said...

I think you look great everyday and you switch it up for the occassion. I like the simple, freshness of it!

Not too much at all (coming from a makeup lover and wearer everyday!)

Elizabeth said...

Dear Anonymous, don't be mean.

You are beautiful! And it's nice to find some make up tips from the budget end of the scale, too! Sometimes I feel priced out of the blogs that use department store makeup counter or Sephora EVERYTHING. I mean, I like to pick and chose, but a girl needs a deal sometimes, no?

I just recently discovered the Glamoflauge concealer (a God send for acne scars) and didn't know what to do with the little pencil concealer. Trying that tomorrow!

A.Co said...

@Elizabeth: thanks for kind comments! I too feel that way about dept or Sephora make-up… and a little lost at times! :P I've only gotten into foundation and more and more make-up in the last few years--a fun experiment but difficult if you can't experiment with cheaper options (like these, sort of!). I BET the Glamoflauge WOULD be awesome for acne scarring--great point! Thanks for stopping by & leaving a comment :)

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