Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Vote for me! Made in Blog Awards

I have been included in the Made in Blog Awards as a Canadian blogger and could use a little help in the voting department.  Voting runs from now until November 18 and you can vote every day!

I'm listed in three categories: lifestyle, fashion & DIY.  I would love to get your vote in all three, if you would be so kind?  Voting is super simple and doesn't require a log in.

Here are the links to each category for voting:

Thanks so much for your help, support and reading along!


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Around My Apartment

I have been wanting to film an apartment tour but the honest to goodness truth is that I'm pretty messy and this place is so small it gets messy fast.  So, in the mean time, I thought I would share a few photos I took around my place to share some of the details, if you'd like to see...

This sequin top is from Forever 21, last year, and I've worn it with denim to a party, and dressed down with black skinnies for work.  As it's pretty and delicate, I like to keep it on display in my bedroom, hanging outside my closet--plus it would likely get ruined being smushed between the other clothes.

I created a bed-side table out of three boxes; the bottom is an 'gator embossed box my sister gave me for my birthday one year and the other two are animal hair covered and from Home Sense.

The two picture frames are housing some black-and-white polka dot scarves I managed to flatten down.  It was meant to be a quick fix for empty frames until I had time to choose and get pictures printed and it's now been over a year.  Pfffft.

The chandelier lamp is vintage and belonged to my grandparents.  I have a matching one that sits in my front foyer on a small table.

I keep two large jars with lids to the left of the night stand that hold black, white, and turquoise pashminas as they kind of work with my grey/black/white bedroom colours.

The art on the right hand side is a favourite mainly because of the metallic and texture. This piece is displayed on the wall as you enter into my bedroom.  While I wanted something over my bed, this didn't really fit and I love the idea of putting a big statement piece somewhere unexpected.

I keep my clutches together and the majority in the brown basket on the left at the top (not really shown).  The overspill is what you're seeing and I love having my Asos feather clutch on display because it's so feminine and works with the colours of the room.  Additionally, I don't use it a ton so it's nice to have it out in the open as some sort of decor.  And if I can add one more thing, when you're in a space as small as mine, a lot of things become 'decor' (ha).

My living room furniture is old, but the pillows are new.  I got these two from Home Sense a couple months ago and shared them in a Home Decor Haul.  I meant to buy just the one at the back as it was on sale for $15, but then the one at the front was so nice too, I grabbed it.  They look great together despite the fact that I have far too many pillows in general.

Across from the chair--and another chair in leather that's beside it, which you didn't see--is my couch and another end table.  The lamp is a recent purchase which I fell in love with as soon as I saw it last Spring.  I scooped it up for $40 at Home Sense and it works perfectly in the space.  

The boots are from Aldo and a couple years old and they are actually on display in my bedroom, but the colours worked to share it beside the living room furniture.

Things you  may have missed:
* The Condo Story: Purchasing My Own Place (which I'm still not living in)


Monday, October 28, 2013

Fashion Vlogger #19: Colour Pairings

I'm talking colour for this Place d'Orleans Fashion Vlogger video and what to wear with what.  I'm sharing with you some bold colour picks from a few shopping trips to the mall in this haul-style video and showing you how to pair colours, match colours and what colours to wear together.  While I love me some neutrals, colour always looks great on everyone.

And, if you don't know how I came to be the PDO Fashion Vlogger, CLICK HERE and that should answer any questions.

As always, thanks for watching & stay tuned to the Place d'Orleans Facebook page for more videos!

Other videos:
Fall Fashion (video #1)
Wardrobe Classics (video #2)
Bundling Up for Winter (video #3)
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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

On Saturday I hit the gym with Marco and then we ran some errands and I headed home to clean my apartment--what a mess!  Melissa came over for dinner and we had a really nice time with each other and wine.
Outfit deets:  Winners jacket & sweater, La Senza trapeze tank (black), Urban Planet leggings, Aldo boots (my shortened ones) & cross-body / clutch.

Sunday morning pre-workout.  Chilly mornings and days lately so I'm bundled in a scarf and hoodie.

Workout done--can't see the smile, but it's thur.

Home-made sausage & veggie omelet.

Sunday afternoon I headed out to PDO to finish up my shopping for my November video.  I didn't purchase this turtleneck from Roots but was tempted but the fit was off, for me.  I think thin, cotton turtlenecks are going to be big this year and if not, next year--so jump on it now to be ahead of the curve.

Sunday night dinner:  Marco made prime-rib sandwiches with sautéed onions, mushrooms, home-made gravy & havarti cheese.  #likewhoa 


Friday, October 25, 2013

My Apologies

Earlier today I posted a blog post as part of my ongoing Halloween costume ideas series that some found offensive and/or inappropriate. I am very regretful that I’ve offended my loyal readers and others who came across the post.

I hope you understand that I did not mean to offend anyone and posted the idea with nothing but respect and good will towards people of Native descent. I received a number of complaints via comments and other social media posts and understand that it may not have come across as such.

Blogging is very much a learning opportunity and I promise I have learned from this experience. I do hope you’ll forgive me and continue supporting and reading my blog.

I very much value my relationship with Place d’Orleans, who sponsors a number of my posts. I am fortunate the mall grants me creative control over my content and we both apologize for the oversight.

Thank you for your feedback and concern and I assure you I feel awful about this situation. I welcome any further comments or concerns through email

Thursday, October 24, 2013

A recap of this week.

Hey guys!  I thought I would share a few photos I took from this week, thus far.  I haven't been using my iPhone camera a ton in the past week--um, what is going on here!?--as proof on my slower Instagram feed, but nonetheless I made sure to snap a few as I planned to share this post today.  

Nothing extraordinary went down, in fact, it has been quite an ordinary week, but alas here are some photos if you'd like to see...

 On Monday night Marco and I went out for burgers and to Mexx to do some shopping for him.  While waiting for him to try on suits and shirts, I snapped a shot of myself.  I really love these Klarr boots from Aldo, they were a bit on the pricey side, but I feel so good in them, they aren't too high and are comfortable--a sure fire way that I will wear them a lot.
Outfit deets:  Dynamite jacket (old), Zara cardigan (thrifted), Zellers fox cami, Sirens pants, Aldo boots & eBay bag.

Sidenote:  I'm thinking about consigning this bag, unless anyone here is interested in it?  If so, just shoot me an email 

Before burgers and shopping was filming my next Place d'Orleans video.  It's a chatty video and it involves a lot of colours--and bloopers!

I filmed in my bedroom this time and used the new light I got from Sarah's hubby.  They own a photo booth business--for weddings, events, etc.--and the stand for this one got broken at a party so they've given it to me on lend until further notice.  It's awesome because now I have the option to film my YouTube videos in evenings when there is no daylight.

One of my purchases you will see in my next PDO video.  I tend to sock away my purchases until I have time to film my videos, which means I don't ever wear them right away.  I wore this Le Chateau top the day after I filmed and loved it more and more as the day progressed--so pretty, a great colour & a perfect cut for me.

Since I've been lifting weights at the gym--versus cardio and body resistance workouts--I have been making protein shakes afterwards.  That said, frequently I don't have any protein with me as a gym session might happen on a whim and while I try to keep my gym bag in my car #noexcuses, I often end up "having" to buy a shake afterwards--which isn't exactly the most cost effective thing to do, but a nice treat once and a while.  Anyway, I had the brilliant idea to ration my protein into small snack bags for my gym bag (riveting, I know). It's perfect as I can just dump the pre-measured powder into my water bottle after my workout and go.

Tuesday night I met Marco at the gym for a later evening workout.  Temperatures have really dropped in Ottawa so I pulled on sweatpants, a hoodie, Uggs & a jacket to head out.
Outfit deets:  Bench jacket, Lululemon hoodie, DKYN tee, Ardene sweatpants & Uggs.

My sister came for a visit at work yesterday with my nephew.  He's almost three months and these little socks had little rubber grips on the bottom--ahhhh-dorable.

Wednesday evening I hit up Place d'Orleans to shop and collect some items for my November video.
Outfit deets:  Winners jacket, Club Monaco scarf, Sirens leggings (navy blue but you can't tell), Spring boots & Aldo cross-body/clutch.

I stopped at Marco's on my way back and he made an amazing chicken parm for dinner with a home-made spaghetti.  So good.

And finally, a purchase from last night, this 3.1 Phillip Lim bag from Target--eep!  While there are still some clothes left of the line at my location, bags have been long gone.  Even when I went at noon on opening day there were none so imagine my surprise when I sauntered in and saw this one... for 50% off!  I think someone bought it, probably used it, and returned it.  The tags were still on, but still... and guess what?  I don't care.  I scooped that up faster than you can say That's my bag, ya bish! and made my way to the cash.  

$31 with tax, thankyouverymuch.  

Also, it's super huge and will be perfect for everyday use, but even more so for lugging around extra stuff like my MacBook, DSLR, a scarf, extra pair of shoes and my lunch even.  Awe-some.


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

DIY Combat Girl Halloween Costume

For my second of three DIY Halloween costumes, this edgier 'Combat Girl, was pulled together with some things that are super on trend right now, making it very easy to come up with a costume.  Camo is everywhere you look and easy to find, as are tough looking, moto-style boots--comfort & on trend.  I added a faux leather cuff to toughen up the look and mirrored aviators.

See my Minnie Mouse costume HERE.

Get the look at Place d'Orleans:
Camo pants | find similar at Detox, The Bay & Boathouse
Combat boots | Aldo
* Top | find similar at Urban Planet
* Aviators | find similar at Sunglass Hut
* Accessories | find similar bracelet & earrings at Aldo & bracelet at Aeropostale

Stay tuned for the final--and my favourite--DIY Halloween costume this Friday!

* This post is sponsored by Place d'Orleans, the mall I vlog for.  As always, thanks for reading & for supporting my sponsors!  Be sure to check out the Place d'Orleans Facebook page for more information & promotions happening within the mall.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013



Monday, October 21, 2013

DIY Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume

With Halloween approaching, I wanted to share some cool DIY costumes I've come up with.  I will be featuring three different costumes this week and Minnie Mouse is the first!

I have wanted to be Minnie Mouse for a couple of years but never made it happen...until now  This was the perfect opportunity to experiment with making my own costume.  While I actually do own Minnie ears--a treat I convinced my Mom I needed when I was 5 years old visiting Disney World--I've come up with a super simple way to make your own (and are much more comfortable, to be honest).

Additionally, since I didn't have a red-and-white polka dot top, I made one by cutting out white circles of paper and taping them to my top!

You will need:
* Construction paper (black only, as it turns out)
* A headband
* 3 Red pipe-cleaners
* Glue gun
1.  Trace out two large 'ears' from black construction paper.  I used a soup bowl.

2.  Leave a fold-able section at the bottom when you cut your circles; this will be to fold under your headband.

3.  I cut an extra rectangular piece out and taped it to the top of the exposed headband for a cleaner look.

4.  Using three pipe-cleaners, make two triangles and attach them by wrapping the third one around to create a centre piece to your bow.
Get the look at Place d'Orleans:
Faux leather skirt | Ardene
* Supplies | Dollarama
* Top | find simlar at Jacob
* Opaque tights | The Bay

Stay tuned for two more very different DIY Halloween costumes coming this Wednesday and Friday!

* This post is sponsored by Place d'Orleans, the mall I vlog for.  As always, thanks for reading & for supporting my sponsors!  Be sure to check out the Place d'Orleans Facebook page for more information & promotions happening within the mall.


Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

Friday night date night with my boo.  I was so exhausted all day Friday that I got home and basically collapsed on my bed for a good three hours.  I knew I had to meet Marco at 8pm so naturally I decided to shower and actually get ready at 7pm--duh.  I made it to the restaurant on time and this is what I wore for a casual dinner.
Outfit deets:  Old Navy tee (old), William Rast denim (from Winners) & leopard Gap wedges (old).

I haven't done any online shopping in months--I think the Romy's were the last thing, which was end of August--but I bit the bullet on this bag after seeing it in Evelina Berry's haul video.  Instead of purchasing through Romwe for $60, I found a link for the same purse on eBay for $18.  It finally arrived and is okay.  I'm not crazy about it, but it's okay for now and for the price, no big loss (shipping was free & there was no duty).

For dinner we went to Open Rice for Asian cuisine and I wanted something light and not deep fried or tons of white rice.  I chose an Asian pear salad with walnuts and two shrimp rice wraps.  It was such a fresh, light yet filling dinner and so delicious!  I left feeling satisfied and happy I made healthier choices for that meal out (I love eating out but don't always make the healthier choices when I do; I love burgers and will sub in a salad instead of fries, but let's be honest, it's still a burger!)

Oh! And Open Rice has a Groupon right now if you're in Ottawa and want to check it out.  

Saturday morning we hit the gym and then ran some errands, but first, lunch!  We ate at Chuck's, which is literally a little deli inside a connivence store.  I really wanted breakfast but had totally slept in so it was  after 2pm by the time we were eating--and of course no one good serves breakfast after that time.  The chicken-bacon-veg panini and lentil salad with caramelized onions I got was a-maz-ing.  I actually can't wait to get this again.

Saturday afternoon outfit for getting groceries, running errands and whatnot.
Outfit deets:  F21 jacket, Zara sweater, Jules & James tank, Bongo jeans & Qupid boots (old but just starting to wear them this year).

On Sunday evening I had a girl friend over and I made dinner, she brought the wine and the conversation flowed through 1am.  I made spaghetti squash with a turkey sausage-veggie marinara sauce.  I've never made spaghetti squash before and it turned out so good!  It's so easy and obviously healthy--woot!

On Sunday morning I met Marco at the gym.  Afterwards we went out to breakfast at our fave spot and demolished the goodness we'd done at the gym--clearly.  I thought I'd share my plate before and after; the bacon tasted yucky so I left it but hello gluten!  Yes, I devoured it.

Later on, I met Sarah at the mall and we shopped around for a couple of hours.
Outfit deets:  Mexx cardigan (old), A.Co Designs trapeze tank (old), American Apparel leggings & Aldo boots and cross-body/clutch.

We finally got an H&M in Ottawa which is just about the most exciting thing that's happened in shopping since Forever 21 came a couple years ago--I know, crazy, right?  Anyways, it opened on Thursday and here it is on Sunday with a velvet rope & line up.  Ugh.  Fortunately the line moved fairly quick but the people inside was just stressful and annoying.  The line up for the fitting rooms and cash was insane and after 20 minutes I booked it out of there with zero purchases.  You win this round H&M, but I'll see you another day.

Sunday night nail painting.


Friday, October 18, 2013

VLOG | Thanksgiving Long Weekend

Hello!! Thanksgiving in Canada was last weekend and I actually did not terrible job of vlogging the almost entire thing.  As always, thanks for watching! xo

Annnnnd, I can't not mention this, but, all the comments you guys left on my, 'Am I Relatable?' post yesterday?  Ho-ly-crap.  You guys!  My heart is warmed and I'm damn giddy over your sweet and caring words.  Wow!  Internet friends, thank you, you mean so much to me and I appreciate that you took the time to write such lengthy and kind words to me.  BIG HUG all around & have a GREAT weekend!








KEEK | acoest1984


VLOG CAMERA | iPhone 5 & iPad mini
EDITING SOFTWARE  | Adobe Premiere Elements 11

This video is not sponsored...clearly.

Thanks for watching! xo

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Am I relatable?

When I started this blog it was a fashion blog and over the years--almost four, to be exact--it has turned into more of a lifestyle blog.  I like sharing things on here like my weekend recaps and the like, and have recently gotten really into YouTube--not that it wasn't obvious--which is a great extension of my blog.  All that said, despite the changes in direction, the one that has always remained the same is my goal to be relatable.

Am I?

When I write and post pictures, it's in an effort to share with you the daily, or weekly happenings in my life.  Some weekends are more exciting than others, but most weekends seem more exciting than they actually are.  Don't get me wrong, I have great things in my life, like everyone, if you... what is it they say, count your blessings?  I just think reading through the pages of someone else's life/blog can sometimes come off as so exciting when really, it's just bacon & eggs at a bar & grill.

I can absolutely say that yes, there are some things that have happened to me in the past year or so that have been extra awesome; Vegas, becoming the Place d'Orleans Fashion Vlogger, modelling for PDO's Christmas campaign--which, btw, was my first time modelling for realz--and again in the Spring for a Pinterest contest, going to Mexico for my birthday and so on.  That said though, these are things that still kind of blow my mind and make me blink twice thinking, 'Uh, did this just happen?'

Then of course, there are the things that are so normal, the every day stuff that most of you don't see, or know about.  I go to work, Monday through Friday and yeah, it's okay.  I live in a very small apartment and use a shop vac as my vacuum--I'm serious.  If you've been reading for a while, you know I've been through a difficult hardship--and if you don't, you can check my About Me section, it's easy to figure it out.  I drive a nice car now, but drove a crappy car for 10 years--and am also paying out the ass for this very nice car.  Don't get me started on filling up my gas tank #alwaysonempty. 

I have insecurities, bad hair days and still don't fully know how to match my foundation and set my concealer.  I never really want to go to the gym, don't like cooking that much and never make my bed.  All very, very ordinary things.  Shall I go on?

I just really want, for when anyone comes here, to my space, my blog, to feel comfortable, happy and enjoy the 'experience'.  I love reading blogs, but I hate getting those envious feelings about others.  Ugh.  Makes me angry with myself because we don't know what goes on behind the scenes, we only see the highlight reel.  So let me know, in the comments section below, what would make my site more relatable?  What would make me more relatable?  Is there anything you'd like to see--how about me without make-up? #yikes--that I haven't already shared?  Post it down below and let's chat about it.

PS - That couch I'm sitting on up there is eight years old and the MacBook put a dent in my savings.


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wednesday Skirt & Shirt

Outfit deets:
* Billabong top which I scored super on sale a couple years ago for $2 at Winners.  This is the first time I've worn it.
* Mexx faux leather skirt from my Boxing Day post a few years back.
* Ash booties which are definitely in my Top 5 Favourite Shoes despite never wearing them a ton.  You've seen them with black skinnies, at Toronto Fashion week this year & on the weekend.
* Accessories: G21 sunnies, H&M cuff (old) & 'hope' necklace by Emily Elizabeth.

Happy Wednesday!  I'm so pumped this is a short week--who isn't?--and we are quickly approaching the weekend.  I live for the weekend and while this one is quite open as it stands, it doesn't matter. 

There are always things to do or something always comes up.  I will, however, be working this weekend on my next PDO video which will be different than anything I've done before and editing some other videos I have in the queue, if time permits.  In the mean time, you can check out my latest vlog from this past weekend HERE.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

Oh my goodness, what a weekend! I love me some long weekends and this was no exception.  Although my Thanksgiving plans were minimal, the rest of the weekend did not disappoint.  This post is definitely photo heavy, so I'm posting the majority of the pictures after the jump.  Read on for a mini photo diary of what went down...
Friday night I went to my boyfriend's place and he whipped up a killer meal: lobster, king crab, asparagus and scalloped potatoes.  What?!  Yes.  Unreal and this actually happened... and we also got into a big fight over something silly #keepinitreal so yeah, that actually happened too (ha).  Real talk (all good now!).

Saturday morning we hit the gym together and these are my shower flip flops (intriguing, I know).

Outfit deets:  Dynamite jacket, Cynthia Rowley tee, Joe Fresh shorts (first time wearing them, finally!) & Ardene flats.
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