Saturday, August 31, 2013

Meet my nephew, Bentley.

I've already shared snippets of my beautiful baby nephew, Bentley, on my Instagram & in a recent vlog, but as promised, here are a couple photos of my sister's little guy.  He's such a looker, and while normally that would just be the biased aunt in me, he really is a good looking babe.

Holding him was such a treat, I didn't want to let him go when we got together last weekend.  My little sister is a mother and although it was less than a year ago that she was getting married and celebrating her bachelorette, I know she's fully ready and excited to take on the newest chapter in her life and side note, I'm pretty pumped to be an aunt!


My Everyday Make-Up Routine

OMG, this was a difficult video to film.  Big ups and shout outs to alllllllll my beauty gurus out there, girlllllllllll you be puttin' in WERK. 

First off, sorry for the terrible lighting; I weighed out my options in my head after I filmed this and saw how terrible the lighting was (it was a sunny day, and I got all set up to film and it started to rain! UGH!).  Option 1: cancel this entire video. Option 2: edit and upload it despite it being kind of crappy and at least get a video up.  


I chose option #2.

Hoorah?  Please say hoorah.

Secondly, this is clearly not a tutorial.  I shared the products I used in the video quickly, but I'm mainly just showing you my everyday face/make-up routine.  I often use BB cream (especially in the summer) but used foundation for the sake of the video (bc sometimes I used that too :)

WEAR SUNSCREEN my friends.  I rock this everyday, it's my moisturizer and SPF in one and goes on before anything else.  I've been wearing sunscreen on my face and neck everyday for over six years and haven't been in a tanning bed for longer than that.  PROTECT YO FACE.

Hope you enjoyed and sorry for the shoddy-ness...I had a ghetto-esque set up of boxes piled on top of each others to prop up a mirror and can I just say applying liquid liner on camera is next to impossible!?  It is.  Trust moi.

Okay bye.

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Friday, August 30, 2013

VLOG | Industry Night Dinner with Town @ Oz Cafe

As I mentioned in my last outfit post, I went to a special dinner/double date on Monday night and filmed half of my getting ready (hello rollers!) and the evening.  The food was phenom and it was such a fun evening.  Thanks for watching!

Things I mentioned:  

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

HAUL | Lululemon, thrifting, F21, Urban Planet, Smart Set + more

So many items but now that I've filmed this I can finally wear them all!! ;)  I'm talking... pants, tops, dresses, shoes, bikinis, workout gear & much more!

Things I mentioned:

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Tina Live in Concert Tee + Industry Night (Dinner) in Ottawa Recap

Outfit deets:
* DIY Tina Turner concert top (thrifted for $2 & cut up; I used THIS tutorial, sort of) which I made for the gym and have only worn it out instead.
* F21 liquid leather bralette (I'm loving bralettes lately and never go bra-less but did on this day...).
* H&M skirt from my trip to Toronto Fashion Week (part 1 & part 2) in March 2013 (see the vlog / video I made HERE).
* Accessories:  F21 bangle, Ardene cross-body/clutch & Gucci shades.

Happy Wednesday everyone!  How has your week been thus far?

Monday night was awesome, I went on a double date to an Industry Night dinner; basically what that means is a special dinner, mainly for people in the serving industry (I'm not one of them...anymore), that is put on by a top chef of a restaurant in Ottawa.  I had vaguely heard of this before, but never been.  

It takes place on the last Monday of every month and is a four-six course meal for $25.  The word meal is relative as the portions were sharing plates between the four of us, except the main dish--shared between two--and the dessert where everyone got their own.

The restaurant that was putting on this month's evening was Town, a restaurant that I would say is a mix between Italian and French food.  A place I've been to once, been meaning to go back to, and really loved (have the meatballs, if you go). 

We tried a variety of food, and this is definitely a meal you need an open palette for; not for the picky eaters, that's for sure.  We had things like smelt fish, octopus, porchetta, lamb sausages etc.  I am a big food lover and not shy to try anything so this was right up my alley!  Everything was delicious, but the octopus and lamb sausages took the cake for me.  

I ended up vlogging our evening and am currently editing the footage to share with you very soon!  Here's a peak at my outfit from Monday night.

Hope you're having a great week--cheers.



Tuesday, August 27, 2013

HAUL | Home Decor + Hot Tools 1" Curling Iron

This is PART 2 to my clothing haul I did a few weeks back; I split the video into two because it was too lengthy for one.  Watch Part 1 HERE.

Things I mentioned:

* Hot tools 1" curling iron

* Previous blog post about how I used to organize my pashminas HERE

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

My new iPad mini clutch/sleeve/case that I found on Etsy, from LJC Designs, arrived on Friday which kicked off my weekend to a great start.  I love this so much; it's real cow hide with a leather tassel.

Friday night home-made dinner: potato chicken curry.

I hit the gym Friday night, Saturday and Sunday.  This pic is from Saturday morning finishing up a back workout.

Annnnd then I kind of spoiled that workout with an amazing and delicious breakfast.

 Saturday afternoon I ran some errands before heading to my parent's place to my sister's birthday BBQ dinner.
Outfit deets:  Tristan romper (from a friend), F21 heels, H&M necklace & Auslini bangle.

For the BBQ I made a strawberry-spinach salad with pecans and goat cheese.  We also ate burgers, sausages, corn on the cob and pasta salad.  Oh, and birthday cake too, of course (which I didn't have because I'm much more of a pie person).

Holding my 3-week old nephew, Bentley, for the second time.  I'm a first-time Aunt!

Sunday, after sleeping in and hitting the gym, I spent the late afternoon editing and uploading my most recent vlog and a new haul video.

Sunday funday.
Outfit deets: TJ Maxx top (old, but wearing for the first time) & Almost Famous denim shorts.


Sunday, August 25, 2013

VLOG | August 19 - 25, 2013

In this vlog I show you my main closet (and clean it up!), make a weird tasting shake, show you my gym outfit and a cat with glowing eyes, get frustrated with life, hold my new baby nephew and Sarah (my bff) tries to play a trick on me.

Things I mentioned:

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fashion Vlogger #17: Back to School | 7 Key Pieces & Outfit Ideas

I know I say this pretty much every month, but I'm really excited to share my 17th video as the Place d'Orleans Fashion Vlogger with you.  For this video I purchased seven key Fall pieces and mixed and matched them all to create several different outfits (I'm sure you could even come up with more!).  Additionally, I had help shooting this video making it way more awesome than it would have been if I had used my tripod.

I love all the pieces I picked out and am showcasing in this video, especially the black sweater.  The combat/moto boots I picked up from Aldo are like nothing I own...and a little outside of my comfort zone, to be honest!  All in the name of fashion, though, plus I like pushing my own fashion limits; why not?  By the end of shooting this video I was kind of in love with the boots and am looking forward to roughing them up a little so they look even more bad ass (and to contradict that point, I bought black shoe polish when I purchased them...hmmm).

Stay tuned for more videos (specifically on the Place d'Orleans Facebook page).

 Other videos:
* Fall Fashion (video #1)
* Wardrobe Classics (video #2)
* Bundling Up for Winter (video #3)
* New Year, New You! (video #6)
* What to Wear on a Date (video #8)
* Dreaming of Summer (video #9)
* Spring Trends (video #12)
* Biggest Spring Trends (video #13)
* Summer Event Wear (video #14)


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Catch Up

What a week!  It's been a busy one and it's only Wednesday but I wanted to check in to let you know I'm still around and kicking.  Sorry for the lack of posts but I thought today, instead of doing a Let's Chat--especially since there hasn't been much chatting in the comments section lately--I could just chat and catch up with all of you instead.

So this week I'm acting in a different position at work, while doing my current job and it's kind of wearing me out.  I get home and I'm a bit of a zombie and have been hitting the sack early (kind of bonus, actually, because I for one need my sleep).

I've been vlogging a bit this week--are you guys enjoying the vlogs?--and last night I did some major closet tidying, which will be including in the upcoming video.

As far as my evenings have gone, I've taken advantage of having two me-nights in a row to recharge my batteries, be home solo and get stuff done.  I did all my dishes--I tend to let those pile up, and don't have a dishwasher!--got four loads of laundry done, cleaned my closet, caught up with my favourite YouTubers and tidied my apartment.  I  keep wanting to do an apartment tour or a closet tour, it's been requested a few times, but since I'm in such a small space, it tends to get messy frequently.  That said, since I got a good chunk of my closet tidied (the messier part, that is) last night, I might be ambitious and film it next week. 

Otherwise, I'm counting down until the weekend.  We are having a BBQ for my sister's birthday on Saturday and my out-of-town grandparents are coming, which I'm ridiculously excited about!  Add that to sleeping in, hopefully beautiful weather and a new-to-me romper I plan on wearing and the weekend is looking good.

Happy hump day!

(Photo from my Instagram page, I'm acoest1984).


Monday, August 19, 2013

VLOG | August 12 - 18, 2013

This is a long one, but I filmed over the course of a week.  In this vlog, I do some shopping, include my bff, share some outfits, show you how to prepare corn on the cob for the BBQ and a late night snack run with my boyfriend.

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Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

My casual Friday work outfit; I liked it more and more as the day went on--does that ever happen to you?--so thought I'd share.  I typically post my daily looks on Instagram under the hashtag #acolookdowns.
Outfit deets:  American Eagle top, H&M denim skinnies & Diva Lounge wedges.

Friday night date night at Miko Sushi; if you're looking for good sushi, please don't go there.  If you're a bit of a sushi snob, like us, you won't like it.  The fish was not terribly fresh, portions were small and there was nothing special about it.  To top it off, the service was terrible.  Needless to say, we won't be back.
Outfit deets:  Jacob sweater (new!), DIY denim cut-offs (thrifted men's pants turned shorts), Zara heels & Mossimo clutch (old).

Saturday night dinner: sausages & salae (one splurgy bun for me!).

Saturday night Walmart run to get some treats for a movie night.  Earlier that day I realized we were rockin' a twinsies look; the cashier at Walmart loudly pointed it out too.

Sunday morning breakfast: 3 egg whites + 1 egg over easy on toasted ww multigrain & left over turkey bacon from Saturday morning with a peppermint tea.

 I spent the day on Sunday doing me.  I took outfit photos, filmed a haul video, edited some of my vlog, went shopping--I decided to return the Zara heels I recently purchased--and hit the gym.
Outfit deets:  DIY'ed Tina Turner shirt ("Live in Concert!", thrifted), H&M skirt, Aldo wedges, F21 bralette & Ardene cross-body bag.

Did some editing on Sunday morning before heading out.  Will have a vlog up tonight from the past week!  See my other vlogs HERE.

I worked out on Saturday and Sunday; I recently joined a new gym and love the facility, that said, it's still difficult to get there, but I got it in this weekend.
Outfit deets:  Joshua Perets tank, F21 sports bra, Ardene shorts & Nike Free 3.0.

Sunday  night BBQ once again at #Skybox2013; always a good time.  Marco made us steaks and mine was perfectly cooked the way I like, rare.  This was also my first corn on the cob of the season.  Last week, Sarah and I had a conversation about corn on the cob, and really, it's non-health benefits despite being a 'vegetable'.  Despite all that, it still tasted delicious and like summertime.

My new favourite wine, Apothic Red; a blend of shirz, merlot, cab sauv & zinfandel.  Amaze.

Enjoying another beautiful sunset; Summer please don't go.


Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Striped Dress

Outfit deets:
* Nine West dress from The Bay (new this summer) which I love.  I showcased it in my, 'What to Wear to a Summer Event' video.  The a-line silhouette is not my typical pick but I love how I feel in this and it is very figure flattering.  I've only worn it a couple times in a few months because it's so unique looking but it would be perfect for picnics, a baby or bridal shower, a lunch date and as I wore it: for work.
* Gap cardigan (old) in navy.
* BCBG nude peep-toe pumps (old).

The quality of these pictures turned out terribly, and because I was using my point-and-shoot, I didn't realize until I was exporting them off my camera. 


Whatever though, I wanted to share because the outfit was pretty and I felt good in it.  Additionally, I post fewer than few outfits so really can't afford not to share this one.

The good news is the weekend is almost here and tonight is my last volleyball game before the tournament in a couple weeks.  I joined a beach volleyball league for the first time this summer (I've only ever played indoor before) and while I have enjoyed it, the get-sand-in-place-UOENO, has run it's course.  Basically I'm sick of having a permanent hair-washing date every Thursday night so cyanara beach v-ball.

And a fun one from the 'gram...


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What is your earliest memory?

I think my earliest memory is meeting my new sister in the hospital when she was born.  I remember wearing a blue and white mini-checkered pattern dress and being totally enamoured with her tiny feet.  Apparently I held her and didn't want to give her back.

Thinking back on this feels so special; my first memory is of my sister, what a sweet one.  And now that she is a mother herself--as of just over a week ago--it's almost surreal seeing how small we once were in these photos.

What is your earliest memory?


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fall Inspiration / Love

Fall Inspiration / Love

Click above to see details & prices for each piece.
I hate that everyone is talking Fall--summer is so short, why are we rushing!?--but at the same time, I can't help but get excited for some Fall fashion.  I have a distinct idea in my mind of what I want to wear this Autumn, providing the weather cooperates--so not likely--and it involves a lot of dark colours (mainly black, grey, navy & burgundy), chunky moto-style boots, oversized scarves and sweaters--nothing new for me--and getting a cute hat with a big pom-pom on it.

A Grocery Shop Post

I wanted to share with you guys some groceries I recently picked up.  Since my grocery runs generally look about the same with a substitute of certain fruits and veggies here and there, the basics are always kept on lock.

I love eating healthy and have trained my tastebuds to enjoy the flavours of certain things I know some people don't like.  I'm a huge quinoa fan, prefer whole wheat breads (when I eat gluten), enjoy adding oatmeal in my morning shake, like the taste of unsweetened almond milk, etc.  I try to eat healthy 80% of the time and make healthy food choices.  I will always love pie, pastry, ginger snaps, chocolate & sweets, but try not to overindulge too much.

I typically do one larger grocery shop per week, but tend to hit the store a few times within the week to grab more unique foods that are required for a certain dish or meal I'm planning.  I always keep fruit, yoghurt, eggs and some sort of salad mix on hand.  I frequently eat salad for lunch during the week and usually add some form of protein--hard boiled eggs, chicken or tuna--if I can.  My favourite salads contain fruit--some sort of berry or pears--avocado and nuts (if I have them on hand, which I generally don't).  Most often I make a mix of avocado, grape tomatos & spinach.

I always buy the largest container of eggs as if I don't cook them, I will just hard boil all of them, stick 'em in a vase in the fridge for an easy snack or again to add to a salad in a pinch.

Back in March, when I switched over to a Gluten-free lifestyle--ish--I also swapped out my 2% milk for almond milk.  I was a milk fiend and would drink two or more large glasses per day and go through, what I would call, 'withdrawls' if I didn't get my milk.  This would even result in headaches; I was serious about milk.  The calories and sugar in it though are pretty serious and I was likely consuming 300+ calories in milk alone.  Unsweetened almond milk has 30 calories/cup which is awesome.  I find it's pretty thick too so a small glass is enough for me.  Additionally, I like to buy one regular--for cooking--and one vanilla flavoured for drinking.  Once the vanilla runs out, I will drink the original but prefer vanilla.

The Oikos Greek yogurt is a personal fave and they come in so many flavours now.  Since my last vacation in Mexico, I've become somewhat obsessed with all consumable things coconut, mainly, ice cream.  Unfortunately, coconut ice cream is very hard to come by so last week I tried throwing one of my personal sized coconut yogurts in the freezer and the next day?  Coconut frozen yogurt!  It actually tasted pretty good and is obviously much better for you.  I'd suggest taking it out an hour before you want to eat it as it gets quite frozen.

Hope this post was interesting and let me know what else you would like to see on A.Co est. 1984.


Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

Friday night I organized a girls dinner for my best friend's birthday.  She doesn't like surprises so she knew it was happening but I couldn't resist keeping a few of the guests a surprise, which in turn really shocked her.
Outfit deets:  Cynthia Rowley tee (seen here & here), Walter Baker skirt, Prabal Gurung for Target heels, H&M necklace & Auslini bangle.

I splurged on dinner and got the gnocchi in a rosé sauce with chicken and mushrooms.  The last time I had gnocchi was on my birthday.

I love these shoes but to be honest haven't worn them a ton this summer.  They at the very least look pretty on display in my apartment.

Saturday morning I met up with my friend at Simply Biscotti.  We sipped on cappucinos and I was so impressed with the multitude of biscotti's and dessert treats--and paninis, sandwiches, and more--to choose from (but was good and didn't get any).

Saturday outfit.
Outfit deets:  Gap denim jacket (thrifted and DIY bleached), Walmart trapeze top, Wet seal crochet shorts, Spring gladiators & Urban Expressions bag.

I love this because I plan to wear it to work out plus it will double as a bralette on weekends.  I was eyeing the white one as well but had to pick and choose.

On Saturday afternoon, I took my car out to my parent's place and washed her.  It was a long process since it was so hot, sunny and breezy and the soap was drying on the car while I was trying to wash it--a big no no--but after two hours, she was done.  Feels so good to have a clean car.  I didn't detail the inside but I did that about two months ago and I maintain it so it's still clean inside.

Saturday night, outfit #1.
Outfit deets:  Dynamite blazer, Rachel Roy dress (new & on sale!), Asos heels, H&M belt (worn backwards), Joe Fresh bangles & Ardene clutch.

Saturday night, outfit #2.
Outfit deets:  Zara low-back sweater (a fave), Limité shorts, Forever 21 heels & Aldo clutch (old).

So why am I wearing two outfits?  Here comes the diva story.  Marco picked me up for a date on Saturday night and I totally dressed up, trying to wear something less like what I normally wear--see above--which was a pretty dress with a defined waistline.  When we got to our destination--a hipster taco spot--I felt way overdressed.  I love this restaurant he was surprising me with, but felt really uncomfortable being so dressed up.  We put our name in for a table, which was about a 20 minute wait and he sweetly answered my pleads to take me home so I could change.  #ididthat  

I got home, ran in, threw together the above outfit, which was way more appropriate and I felt way more like 1) myself and 2) comfortable and we headed back to the restaurant.  We got there just in time for our table to be ready and had an amazing evening.

Amazing tacos (beef, pork, lamb x3 & ox tongue).

A sweet dessert surprise: gelato.  I got two scoops, Mister Nico--a peanut butter, chocolate combo--and Skor.

Sunday morning.
Outfit deets:  Dynamite sweater, DIY denim cut-offs (from last year), Spring gladiators & Aldo clutch/cross-body.

Brunch at the Arrow & Loon.

Sunday afternoon I dragged myself to the gym, which was a good thing as I hadn't been in a week--what is happening to me!?  I had a great workout and obviously felt much better afterwards.
"You never regret going to the gym" (it's just getting there that sucks).

I grabbed groceries on my way home and made a delicious strawberry-spinach salad with chicken, avocado & goat cheese for dinner.

The Sunday night tradition is always Dexter and I love to indulge in Ginger Snaps & a peppermint tea.  This time though I poured myself a small cup of the snaps to avoid eating the whole bag!

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