Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A.Co Designs: A pretty ombré top for a friend.

I bought this pretty pink ombré fabric many, many months ago with the intent of making this top (again like the spotted one I recently made, and my earlier mint version from last summer) and then my sewing machine went into hibernation for the last five months or so and so it never was. 

Until the other night.

It turned out well, but took me longer than expected as the fabric was giving me some issues.  Additionally, when you're sewing something for someone else--which I never do--it's hard to know exactly what 'size' to make it.  So, I just kind of made it the same size as my own top. 

Also, you might note there is no seam down the back on this one, they are on the sides and that is simply because the way the fabric draped, I wanted the ombré at the bottom (not the side) and didn't want to cut and sew a seam just for the fun of it.


1 comment

Sarah Palisek said...

THANKS SOOO MUCH for this lovely shirt hombre!! I love it. Soooo nice of you.

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