Sunday, December 9, 2012

Please Vote for Me & My BFF!

My best friend Sarah (that's us above) has entered us into a contest for us to win a Best Friend trip to Toronto!  We were chosen and made the top five and were in first place but have been surpassed!

It takes three seconds to vote (via Facebook) and we are just dying to win this thing.  We still need about 50 votes and each person can vote once.  

Would you please, please, please VOTE FOR US?

Update:  Sadly, Sarah and I came in second place (darn!).  Thank you all so much for voting, we really, really appreciated it!



Sarah Palisek said...

We will do a draw for a $50 LCBO gift card if/when we win - so vote and you can WIN TOO!!!!!!!!

(Make sure to leave a comment after you vote, so we know who votes and we can enter them into the draw!!)


Molly said...


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