Saturday, February 11, 2012

Battling Body Image

I think being a woman often constitutes to having some sort of f'ed up image of our bodies.  With 'perfect' bodies being thrown in our faces everyday (tabloids, advertisements, the 'net, etc.) it's hard not to get a complex sometimes over things that maybe we shouldn't.

While I'm a confident person with fairly high self-esteem, I certainly struggle with body image.  Some days are better, some days are worse.  Some days I'm giving myself a pep-talk in the mirror to redirect my focus to a more positive outlook or trait.  It doesn't always work, which sucks, but I do what I can.  And while I could work out more, I could eat less treats, I don't think having the 'perfect' body will ultimately make me happier (some days I think it would, but c'mon, that's so unrealistic).  I would feel deprived of my favourite things (dessert and free time!) and still think I could look better.  It's like a vicious, never ending cycle.

How do you break the cycle?  For me it's about eating well, working out and taking the time to make myself look good. 

The first two are rational, they make sense, it's obvious.  I try to workout at least three times a week, sometimes this doesn't happen, and that's okay, I'm just conscious of getting a little more daily movement in (parking far away, taking the stairs, etc.). As far as eating goes, I try to eat healthy and keep the treats to a minimum, but that doesn't mean I don't have treat binges every now and again... or weekly (oh chocolate & pie how you are my nemesis). 

The last one is a little more superficial, but it works.  If I look good, it often results in feeling good so it's a doubly pay off.  For me, having a bit of a glow via spray tan makes me feel good about myself, as well as wearing something I love.  Now, for all you 'I-tan-easily-girls', you can just be quiet, but if you're a self-proclaimed-almost-albino like yours truly, you know what I'm talking about.  A glow is (sadly, IMO) infinitely prettier (on myself) than my regular pasty skin... and it combats fat days too.  Two birds.  Ha. 

As far as wearing something I love, you all know that I'm a huge sale shopper and while money can buy you really nice things, it's creativity that dictates wicked personal style.  Creativity is not expensive (case in point).  Work with what you've got, and if you need some wardrobe sprucing I suggest hitting the thrift store before the regular store and get yourself some inexpensive, unique finds.

I wish I could say everyday I wake up and go, 'I love my body! I feel good! Everyday I feel gerrr-reat!' but, such is not the case.  Some days I need to convince myself and but mainly I just need to accept myself.  Acceptance is the first way to learn to love yourself, which although not an easy task, something you can work on everyday.  When I'm having a 'fat day' (we all have them, right?), I try to shift my focus onto a body part I like.  If that doesn't work, repeating in the mirror, 'I look good.  I look good.  I look good...' until you believe it might work (I know, it sounds a little crazy right, but don't knock it till you try it!).

How do you accept your body 'flaws'?  I'd love to hear your tricks.

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emily☆ said...

What a good post for me to read today. I've been having some serious "Em, you suck" moments this week.

I need to go back to the tried and true - eating better and exercising. I've been avoiding both lately and it's really starting to show. Both on my body and in how I feel emotionally.

On a different note - I see you've added word verification. Is that helping? Cuz I added it on my blog and got just as much spam! I have no idea how, since I thought word ver meant they couldn't spam me. So I took it off. I figure if I'm going to get spammed I may as well make it easier for readers to comment. ha!

fattygirl218 said...

I love this post, because this a topic of discussion that needs to be brought to the forefront. I definitely go through a cycle of feeling GREAT about myself to uh I'd change this I'd change that. I focus on areas that I LOVE about myself and accentuate them. It makes me feel good to look nice and have my hair done, so to make sure my GREAT days outweigh the shitty ones, I try to dress nicely and keep my hair done. Being in shape plays a great role as well, I dont work out but I engage in activities that keep me fit, ie. dancing. bottom line though is if you dont feel good about yourself no amount of reassurances from external factors is going to be enough.

Mandy @ In the Fashion Lane said...

I am right there with you. It is so nice to read that other people feel the same way. I have had to make a lot of changes to feel better about myself because I never put me first. It has been quite the emotional experience. I don't think I have any tricks... but knowing I am in control of my feelings has been life changing. I think you look incredible...always.

And YES a tan (real or spray) ALWAYS looks better. :)

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