Monday, November 28, 2011

It's a Pulled Chx Salad Kinda Night...

I ate this tonight.  Pulled Chicken Salad.  A off-the-top-of-my-head recipe from an old friend that never fails.  It's clean, healthy, filling and delicious (and quick, easy-peasy).
I was leaving Zumba tonight and hit up the grocery store as I needed two things: (i) groceries, and (ii) dinner.  After picking up various produce and planning my meal for tomorrow night (I'm making a Greek chicken crock pot dish I've never attempted before) I started to feel hungry.  I hit up the magazine/cookbook aisle for inspiration and I didn't even need to open a book!  I saw a magazine entitled, 'Clean Eating' and my mind jumped to this salad and back to the produce aisle I went.  Within 15 minutes of arriving home I was chowing down. 

* Whole BBQ chicken
* Spinach
* Veggies you like (I like: grape tomatoes, avocados)
* Canned mandarin oranges
* Optional: dried cranberries

Make it:
Pull all the chicken off your BBQ chicken and put in a bowl off to the side.  Put heaping handful of spinach on plate.  Chop veggies & add to the mix.  Throw in whatever else you want (walnuts are awesome. As are hard boiled eggs).  Toss some chicken on top.  Enjoy.

Told ya it was easy.

Sometimes I make my own dressing (not tonight, thanks Kraft) and to do so I squeeze a lime (you could use lemon), chop a couple cloves of garlic, and pour in some olive oil.  Shake it up and pour over your salad.



Miss Caitlin S. said...

yummmmmmm. looks perfect.

jamie said...

That looks goood! I like your dressing recipe too, I am so picky about dressing. I'm gonna try it! :)

Michelle said...

Easy shmeasy! The whole chicken thing was complicated and messy. Ick! And dried cranberries... How long do I let them dry for?! Oh and I'm extra confused now because first you said it was from a friend then you said you saw it in a magazine. Was it a combination of the two? I love finding recipes and making them my own! Don't you?

Anonymous said...

Michelle- you sound like a retard.

"The whole chicken thing was complicated and messy"- how complicated is it to buy a barbecue chicken and shred the meat??

"How long do I let them dry for"- you can buy dried cranberries.

Obviously you are an amateur in the kitchen

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