Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I recently discovered the 'Comments' tab within blogger and realized I can view all my most recent comments (doesn't matter what post it was left on) without having to open up each post.  Many of you are probably saying, 'Duh!' right now, but I didn't know! 

Reading through your comments totally brighten my day and you, my lovely readers, are so sweet.  I am so grateful for each and every comment you leave.  Thank you for coming to my blog, commenting and interacting with me.  I love blogging and knowing you love my blogging too, makes it all the better.

I just wanted to mention that I have noticed (I have missed several) comments left where a question has been asked.  I typically don't respond in the comments section as I'm not one to go back to see if a blogger responded to me there.  I'll try to go to your blog and respond but often times the commenter doesn't have a blog.  I just wanted to remind you that you can always ask me (anonymously too, i$ you'd like) questions through my Formspring page.  It's easiest for me (and you) as all the Q's & A's are in one place.  So feel free to use that.

Thank you again for reading, it really means so so soo much to me.  xo


Miss Caitlin S. said...

haha, yeah, I like the comments section as well :) Blogging is great, this is true.

Ashley said...

OMG so funny because I was looking at an old post and saw your sweet comment and clicked through to read A.CO :) So glad to know about this new comment viewer.

I was also telling the BF that you are my blogger friend. haha! Hope everything is going well!!!

xoxo- Ash

The_Leather_Skirt_Blog said...

Never apologize for not knowing something. We all learn everyday. I actually knew about the 'comments' tab, wonder what I will learn today? You can bet it will be something.


Marionberry Style said...

Umm, so I'm lucky if I can remember how to upload a photo! :-)

And I think I'll need to check out Formspring. Seems as though a lot of great bloggers use this format to address common questions...

Happy Wednesday!
XO - Marion
PS - I want that scarf you're wearing here! Where did you get it?

Schnelle Couture said...

I just realized that it was there last week. It is a nice feature though. Being a blogger is fun but the comments and the acquired blogger friendships are what makes it all worth while:)

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