Thursday, July 7, 2011

Recent: iPhone Snaps

* A super old sweater (we're talking like seven years here people) that although is far too short in the body to rock with jeans nowadays, tucking into a high-waisted pencil skirt works just fine

* Bellini
* BBQ'ed kabobs
* Apple + Cheese (an often daily snack)
* Caesar salad

* Borrowed this book from a friend and it's surprisingly awesome and interesting.  Different things about 'male mysteries', 'Say this, not that' sections, polls about real guys and neatly outlined chapters with point-form recap at each closing.  I laughed and learned.  Purchase it for yourself (or a friend) or read a great review on it.
* You asked: typical after-workout-outfit.  

* Supermarket sushi:  I said I would never.  I did.  (And it wasn't so bad.)
* Summertime fruit.
* Newest thing:  Apple crisp with plain yoghurt (deee-lish).
* No words required.



Isabel said...

that looks like a milestones bellini! YUMMY!

Jamie said...

Ok So 1.) why are you wearing a sweater (again?) is it not warm there yet??? 2.)That cocktail looks yummy! 3.) That book sounds interesting. After that one you should get "why men love bitches" it's pure awesomeness 4.)Your workout outfit looks an awful lot like mine!!

ok, ok, skype date...I am freaken nuts over hear...I can do tonight, but it's friday night and unlike me you probably have a life, and possibly Sunday night. Lemme know!

Natasha said...

Where are your wedding pictures?
I was going to show a gf and all your wedding stuff is down??!!

reynaglows said...

I feel the same way about picking up sushi at my local super market... but I'm guilty too!!

this free bird said...

mmmkay that bellini and the sushi? well let's just say i could use a little of both. tgif sister


Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh those kabobs look awesome!!

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