Saturday, January 22, 2011

DIY Sweater Skirt

This closet clean out has not only been good for making space, I've reinvented a few things to fill in the missing blanks in my closets (score!).

Next up is a super easy sweater skirt.  I got this idea when I first chopped up a striped tank to create a skirt (see the look) and then did it again a few days later (see the look).  I'd never done it before and it worked out swimmingly... which has since prompted me to chop up other clothes I was planning on donating anyways (see, the perks of cleaning out your closet).

This sweater skirt is super easy.  Take a sweater you don't wear anymore (the longer, the better as it'll give you some length to the skirt.  I did this with a shorter sweater and got a mini-skirt... not exactly the look I was going for, but then again, I'm 5'11 so many things end up being short on me) and cut it straight across underneath the arms.  Generally (depending on the fabric) you won't need to finish the ends (especially if it's jersey or a thin-knit sweater like this.  The ends will just roll a bit and it's perfect).  Shimmy into the bottom tube piece, and voila, new (& free) skirt!

Yes, those are OTK boots with a peep-toe

PS - This is my 400th post! Wow!


Sharon Lei said...

A!! Ooooooooo I think this is my favorite DIY shirt to skirt you've made. The color is incredible on you.. and hugs you in just the right places!! Looks fabulous!!!

Happy Weekending babe. Oh and the OTK's are pretty hot too!

xx Love & Aloha

Elle Sees said...

Super easy! Love it.

Isabel said...

i need to see if there is anything i can transform in my closet

A Stylized Hysteria said...

Very clever and it looks great on you! I need to see if I have a sweater I can do this with.

Schnelle said...

yay for your 400th post! The skirt looks great. I would never have been able to tell that it was once a sweater.

Kileen said...

wow, what a perfect little red skirt! i love how you refashioned an old sweater into this new piece!

cute and little
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ElisabethCS said...

That is adorable! I can't wait to find an old sweater to do that to!
Thanks for sharing! I'm one of your newer followers:) I love your blog! You are simply gorgeous!!!

My blog is a work in progress...
But please follow me:)

Jamie-Lee Burns said...

Wow this is such a great idea! love it x

Unknown said...

what a wonderful idea, you look so cute! i'm just starting a fashion blog, and always love checking yours out. how do you get your photos to post side-by-side that way? thanks!

Chelsea said...

Wow! Congrats on your 400th! I just reached my 200th a couple weeks ago. Great job on being so creative- I never would have otherwise known you chopped up a sweater, haha! I really need to clear out my over-flowing closet too...working on it!

P.S. LuLu*s is offering my readers a 15% discount right now- today is the last day...if you're interested, you can hop over to my blog to get the code! ;)

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