Monday, November 1, 2010

Styled: Surprise Birthday Party

 { veggies & dip in shooter-style glassware }

When my girlfriend asked me to help style the surprise party she was throwing for her man, I couldn't say no.  We came up with a colour theme and went from there.  She came up with a great menu and did a super job preparing the food.  We made tissue paper pom-poms and I created the table layout.  She also asked me to stick around and play photographer for the evening, since she knows how much I love taking pictures.  The birthday boy was totally surprised and everything went extremely well, it was great.

{ the party planners - there is a foot difference in height! } 

 { mushroom bruschetta }

{ special ordered cupcakes }

{ cheddar popcorn }

 { pineapple chicken skewers }

 { inspired by something we had at our wedding }

 { photo frame decor }

{ 'patiently' waiting }

{ guest favours }

* I noticed that some of you have asked some questions in the comments section in the past and while I try my best to answer, either on your blog or via twitter, some of you don't have a blog.  I prefer not to respond to comments on my blog as not everyone checks back.  I do have a formspring account, where you can go and ask anything you'd like, even anonymously.  So, what are you waiting for?!


DiamondsandTulle said...

You both look gorgeous and what a great surprise party. I gotta keep the veggie shooter-style idea stored away for the future!

xx Vivian @

Katie said...

The food and decorations look fabulous!

Fashion Butter said...

The food looks awesome! And those veggie cups are such a cute idea.

Anna Jane said...

looks like you two did a fantastic job! the food looks awesome...mmm.


Isabel said...

looks like a lot of fun!

Daniela said...

love the decor and the food looks delicious!

emily☆ said...

You did such an awesome job!! Everything looked great! I've decided colour themed tables are my new favourite, there is a lady who I"m sure you've heard about, but if not it's like her job to create beautiful table layouts. I can't remember her name but I have her tabbed on my other computer, so I will find it and send it to you. Love the shirt btw!

Oh, and my mum went shopping this weekend and then today I saw a stack of things she was planning on returning and scored this great shirt! living at home has it's benefits! I feel like you would like it, i will do a post later! xx

Wanderlusting said...

Holy crap! Now THAT is going all out. She should be a professional party planner man, that is amazing work!!

Having a Net a Porter giveaway on my blog! Hope you can stop by :)


Lady Gabby said...

Awesome! What a delicious, stylish party!
Please check out my blog if you get the chance. Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks so much.

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