Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Honeymoon Snaps

{ the great debate: which bikinis to pack }

I always love seeing people's vacation photos and since I only captured a few shots with my iPhone on our honeymoon, I thought I'd share them.  Since we didn't have any service in Mexico, I didn't pull my phone out of the safe very much, but probably for the better: it was a true holiday.

{ the selection of reading material at the airport}

 { don't these airport wraps look so gourmet?! }

 { heading to our gate }

{ en route }

{ the massive jacuzzi tub in our room}

{ cleaning out my purse at the Cancun airport after two yoghurts exploded in there }

{ customs at the MTL airport - ugh }

{ procrastinating }

* All photos taken with iPhone 3G & converted with Polarize app


Anonymous said...

Love your pics :) Cant believe you had to wait in that customs line - I remember you posting that on Twitter! Crazy!

Daniela said...

Customs line is ridiculous! But I love the shots, especially the one of the view from the airplane

Jamie said...

These pics are great! I don't do this enough and considering how much I travel I really should. And this polarize app is really cool!!

PS. I can't tell you how many times I have lived that scene in the airport bathroom cleaning out my purse after something leaked, spilled or exploded. SO annoying! LOL

Sarah loves it all said...

You're so darling. Love these pics. I can't believe how many swimsuits you have!!

Isabel said...

LOVE the pics! i need to get an iphone asap!

this free bird said...

I can't believe that bit about the yogurt. I would've passed out right there. oy

But you do have an amazing bikini collection. It's swoon-worthy!!


Anna Jane said...

i love these sorts of pics--makes me want an iphone! :)

So, if you're from MTL, do you speak french? :)

xx a j

Ashleigh said...

These are great, makes me want a honeymoon again...
Yoghurts = bummer!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog so I could find you, looking forward to keeping up!

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