Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Trail Mix à la J

{ golden raisins, craisins, unsalted cashew halves, unsalted almonds, walnut pieces }

One of my great friends JM had me snacking on her awesome trail mix last week while we were 'patiently' waiting for our dinner to cook.  It was so delicious, and the best part: home made.  She combined the above five ingredients for a great tasting, healthy, trail mix!  I couldn't resist, and of course took her idea and made myself a batch.  Now I have a huge tub full of it that should last several weeks.  Thanks for the great tip, JM!

{ trail mix à la J }

{ a great snack }


MsHark said...

yum super healthy~ the other day I was browsing your blog and made my own fruit salad after seeing it in your post. It was so delicious!


Jenn said...


Yes, this is also one of my favorite snacks...

Keep the trail mix portions small, and you'll have tons. BTW- I try to stick to 1/2 cup. :)

Thanks for taking and initiative, AND including me in your blog.


Jamie said...

This looks yummy! And very healthy! :)

I did not end up buying the MJ bag...I did get something...I will show you tomorrow ;0)

You are so sweet I was all distraught to not post yesterday. It's the first time I've ever missed. Hopefully it won't happen again!!

Serena said...

OoOooo.. this trail mix looks yummy and sounds healthy. {*two thumbs up!}

Loving your outfit in the previous post. All your pieces work so well with each other.
I really like your DIY shirt. Do you think you'd do a tutorial on it?

BTW, thanks for sending me the link to the esty shop with all the bird and cage necklaces. They're all so cute.

<3 Serena.

sharonlei said...

What a great and easy breezy snack to enjoy... Will try this soon!

xx Love & Aloha.

p.s. I love your DIY tee in the post below.

anneorshine said...

I need to do that! I bought the already made ones at traders joe and then found out they use canola oil in the nuts. yuck!

=) ann

Kitty said...

I have actually been thinking of trail mix lately, gotta get on it, yum!

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